Goliath 40mm Artificial Turf

We now sell Artificial Turf!

We have 2 grades of lawn turf, both of which are cultivated.

We would suggest to order the turf in advance so it is ready to lay the next morning as its best if its laid promptly after it's cut, especially in the warmer weather. And remember to have a hose and sprinkler ready as the turf will need regular watering in the first few weeks of being laid as the turf starts to take root. Once the turf has rooted to the soil, you will not have to water it as much.

It's usually best to give the turf a good soaking on the evening.

We supply loose screened soil and green organic compost if you require any.

We supply bark mulch & composts in  pre-packed and bulk bags.



Turf & Soils


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